Hi, I'm Nicki. I'm a freelance cartographer & designer
based in Washington, DC. My work focuses on interactive & experiential information design, internationalization & localization (i18n & l10n),
and maps.

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Mapbox Streets interactive basemap: shown on mobile
Close up of Mapbox Streets interactive basemap
  • Mapbox Streets,

  • Mapbox,

  • Interactive basemap

  • Play Math,

  • MFA thesis,

  • Exhibition

  • Play Math,

  • MFA thesis,

  • Website

Please Touch exhibit: full view
Close up of poster displaying the human visual system
  • Please Touch,

  • Johns Hopkins University,

  • Exhibition

Spell or Die game: shown in web browser
Close up of weapon tiles
  • Spell or Die, Nykular,

  • Game

Infectious Trends: full view
Close up
  • Infectious Trends,

  • Data viz,

  • Co-designers: Richard Blake, Qian Li

LightWedge 2.0 packaging: front, back, and interior views
Close up of back panel
  • LightWedge 2.0 Book Light,

  • LightWedge LLC,

  • Packaging

Sweeter than Sugar app: shown on iPad
Close up of cupcake avatars
  • Sweeter Than Sugar,

  • App concept


  • Recognizable Labels for Foreign Map Features,

    NACIS 2018

  • Building Dynamic Global Maps for a Multilingual Audience,

    NACIS 2017,

    Co-presenter: John Sylak-Glassman

  • Dynamic Cartography for a GL World,

    NACIS 2015

  • Cartographic Design in GL Maps,

    Foss4gNA 2015

  • Designing Global Basemaps,

    NACIS 2014

  • Designing OpenStreetMap,

    State of the Map US 2014

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